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OEM Nav system backup camera (2001-2009)

OEM Nav system backup camera (2001-2009)


Installation video:

(installation video is for previous version, but the directions are the same)

* Additional installation notes available below


  • Completely plug & play, no cutting or splicing wires with all installation in the trunk
  • Compatible with 2001-2009 SC430 models that have the factory DVD navigation system
  • Activates automatically when car is in reverse and then goes back to factory navigation
  • Camera included with backup camera guide lines (can be turned off by cutting the green wire).


This version includes new features:

* Brightness, Contrast, Color and Tint adjustment (adjustments will affect both video inputs)

* 2nd video input

* Custom backup camera with easier to install wiring

* Updated license plate bracket for horizontal adjustability and better compatibility with overseas customers


Additional installation notes:


"SOURCE" dip switches should be as shown by scrolling through pictures above (switch 2 and 3 in the down position).


The backup camera yellow video cable should be attached to "VIDEO 1".  There are 2 DC plugs for power.  Please refer to the correct plug for use in the pictures above (the opposite cable is used for other purposes such as the Acrylic LED kit).  The included cables are already wired to switch automatically when the vehicle is in reverse and no additional wiring is necessary.


Black wire from connector labeled "KEYPAD CONTROL" must be grounded to activate 2nd video input.  A toggle switch or button (not included) connected to ground or parking brake ground may be used.  A relay connected to ground may also be used if triggering off of a 12VDC source.  Connecting the black wire permanently to ground will cause the video 2 input to be permanently active except when in reverse (which will activate video 1 for your backup camera).  This will also permanently remove the factory DVD navigation screen video source.

***Warning*** permanently or temporarily activating video input 2 for use with video entertainment (DVD, video games etc) or other non driving related video signals is illegal to be present within view of the driver (while driving) in all 50 US states and is likely illegal in most other countries.  Check local laws for legal use in your specific area.


It is recommended to drive around for a couple of days without putting your trunk interior back together.  During this time you can be sure nothing is wrong with the installation and fine tune your Brightness, Color, Contrast and Tint settings to your own personal preference. 


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