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What is the warranty included with your products?  

We are very confident in the quality of our products and it's part of the company philosophy to ensure that your product is well covered for peace of mind to enjoy.  Therefore, we are proud to offer what might very well be the most generous warranty terms available from any retailer of aftermarket car parts.  Most of the products are tested directly prior to shipping to weed out defects (basically everything that costs $20 or more).  In the case of a defect, the following warranty applies below:

  • Customers requiring warranty service are treated as the highest priority for items in or out of stock.  We pull items from stock for warranty if needed instead of offering them for sale.  If an item is currently out of stock, warrantied items will be fulfilled once available prior to being offered again for sale.

  • For the fastest resolution, please include your order number when contacting us via email or messenger.

  • USA all 50 states:

  1. 30 days free returns on non-customized items.

  2. 6 months of free exchange or repair.

  3. 6 additional months at of free exchange or repair with shipping at your expense

  • International: 

  1. 30 days from the order date with free exchange shipping included (VAT / Import duty if applicable not included).

  2. Another 5 months for only the cost of shipping (VAT/import duty if applicable not included). 

  3. 6 additional months at 50% off current retail price with an exchanged or repaired unit (not including shipping) if still available for sale.  VAT/import duty if applicable also not included.

No additional warranty coverage beyond 12 months from the original purchase date unless an item is replaced at 50% off during the last 6 month coverage period.  If so, you will have an additional 6 months of free repair or exchange from the date the item is received, but shipping costs and any applicable VAT / import duty is not included.

  • In scenarios of free shipping coverage, the cheapest (so likely the slowest) way to ship will be used.  If you prefer expedited shipping at your own expense, please let us know and we'll quote you the difference.

  • Installation / labor costs are not included or reimbursed under any scenario.  The products are designed to be as easy to install as I can think of and assume DIY.  Using a 3rd party installer is at your own discretion and risk, but does not affect the warranty regardless of whether you installed the item yourself or not.

  • Reasonable cosmetic imperfections are only covered within 7 days of delivery and only apply to items visible after installation.  Defects from improper installation, alterations, accidental impact, and/or wear and tear are not included.

  • Any item with delivery confirmation by the shipping courier (USPS and others) are not covered for a lost replacement (package never arrived) if the shipping address we used matches the shipping address you provided.  In a lost or stolen package scenario with delivery confirmation, we will first ask you to inquire with the shipping courier.  We will assist with filing a claim if able, but the resolved outcome is out of our control and not guaranteed.  In the case of a package returned to us, we will contact you about reshipment at your expense.

  • In the case that a package arrives in a damaged box, please take photos prior to opening the box so that we have the option to file a claim with the shipping company.  Shipping damaged items are covered by warranty with free shipping included for the customer regardless of how it happened prior to delivery and you will not have to wait for the outcome.

  • All warranties apply to the original purchaser and are not transferrable.

Items under warranty may be provided as parts needed for repair or new/refurbished/used at the discretion of SC430Mods.  Replacement items or parts which are not new will be free of any significant cosmetic imperfection for visible parts not hidden out of site post installation.  Replacements of anything under warranty in the 1st or 2nd warranty period does not reset or extend the warranty coverage period.  Replacement parts during the 1st, 2nd or 3rd warranty period are guaranteed within 15 days of arrival to be defect free or an additional replacement will be provided free at no shipping costs.  Please email or message us within 15 days if you have an issue with a replacement item being defective.  This warranty currently applies to all products listed.

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