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VSC reset calibration tool

VSC reset calibration tool


Ever heard of the pin trick for getting rid of the pesky VSC light? This is a simple tool that accomplishes "Zero Point Calibration" on pre face lift models. This will correct an overly sensitive VSC skid control system after an alignment and can remove the VSC / ABS always on error which usually happens after using most OBDII scan tools. To accomplish the calibration, park your car on level ground with the steering wheel straight. Turn off the car and simply plug this in. Then turn the car to the on position without it starting. VSC and ABS lights will flash rapidly. Turn the car off and remove the device. Then start the car and the procedure is complete!


***Note:  If you have a check engine light or If the light returns immediately after driving forward / reverse, the SC430 is sensing a fault which must be solved prior to using this tool (otherwise the light will not stay gone).***


    If you change your mind within 30 days, I'll give you a return label and refund your purchase once the product is received.   International customers in the Eurozone have a U.K. return address option for convenience and cost savings.  In all return scenarios, please contact me through messenger on the website or email

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