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How long does installation take?

An experienced installer can finish this in less than 1 hour.  Plan on about 2 hours if you don't have experience with car projects.

I don't want to install it myself.  Who could do it for me? 

I would recommend contacting a local car stereo installer.  Give them a link to the installation video and ask for a quote.  They should be charging you a labor only cost because all parts necessary are included.

What kind of tools are needed?

  • 10mm socket with extension

  • Plastic pry tool optional for stubborn climate control module removal

  • Painter's tape optional for protection of the leather from scrapes and cuts

The module I received looks a little different than the one in the video

​The module has undergone revisions and upgrades, but the installation procedure is still exactly the same.

What is the name of the unit being paired to my phone?

Look for "CSR8645" in your Bluetooth settings.  Most phones also allow you to edit the name after pairing if desired.

The  music and/or phone call volume is too quiet or loud vs the factory radio or CD player

Please adjust the phone volume while playing music / during a phone call to match the volume as desired.  If you don't ever care about using the factory radio or CD player, I recommend setting your phone volume to maximum (unless you hear distortion) for the best signal to noise ratio.

Can I change tracks in Bluetooth using the track buttons?

No, this is a limitation of my version.  The assumption is that most people use their phone on a mount inside the car anyways and can just as easily change it there.  This is a major reason why my unit costs about half of the other solutions out there.

How does the automatic switching work between the factory radio and Bluetooth adapter?

The factory radio will play by default whenever a phone is not paired or Bluetooth audio is not being played from your paired phone.  Within about 2 seconds of seeing Bluetooth audio from your phone, it will automatically switch to that source.  It will stay in Bluetooth mode for as long as you are sending a signal from your phone.  After about 15 seconds of no signal from your phone, the factory radio will resume playing.  If you turn off your Bluetooth settings from the phone, the process of switching will only take about 6 seconds.

Still have questions?

Get in touch so we can start working together.  You can ask questions through here, the messenger bubble or directly email

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