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Nav radio progress update

February 28, 2022

I appreciate everyone's patience and apologize for the delay.  To date there have been a handful of successful roll outs and the early adopters have provided valuable feedback for larger scale production.  Some of the remaining tasks being addressed before accepting additional orders include:

  • Smaller and more flexible wiring -  The current design uses 2 cables from top to bottom and will likely continue to do so.  However, the 10 pin cable is fairly stiff and I think it can be reduced to 7 or 8 pins.  This would make installation a little easier with a smaller diameter cable.

  • Simplified shipping with reduced cost - A small but significant percentage of my existing customers experienced shipping damage when sending in their original Nav unit for modification.  I'm planning on creating instructions with a small level of disassembly so that the screen alone can be sent independently of the motorized mounting tray.  The tray is the most fragile part of the unit.

  • Donor screens - I'm working on gathering a few donors long term to help speed up production.

  • 2005 and above models require unforeseen additional labor to convert.  It's likely that these model years will cost $50-$100 more due to the additional labor involved.  I'm verifying compatibility with a design tailored to that style with an existing customer now.

  • Deposits - The cost to produce these ties up a lot of cash that I don't have without taking out a personal loan.  Since my company is too new, I don't currently qualify for a business loan.  To help offset the costs of initial parts purchasing, I'm planning to accept deposits for the next batch produced.  The deposit amount will still be less than my own cost, but will "soften the blow".  The planned deposit amount will be $200 ($30 cancellation fee).

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